NFTs have taken hold of the collective imagination because they are a unique combination of art, commerce, and technology. While it is possible to quickly place art onto an NFT exchange, this is not taking full advantage of the potential of NFTs or positioning your brand for the continuing evolution of this transformative technology.

NHM bridges traditional music production and marketing and the and blockchains providing clients and partners with the nimbleness and flexibility necessary to open up new revenue streams and expand audiences.

No more complexity working with Blockchains

NHM removes all the complexity of working with Blockchains so clients and partners can concentrate on business and creating music.

We have decades of experience in music development and production, visual effects, programming and web development.

Let NHM help you navigate this new medium so that you can concentrate on expanding your business into the Cryptoverse


Stefan Benz

Low cost NFT delivered as an open minting that provides exclusive membership and access to a live streaming concert

Limited edition high-cost NFT that provides a digital meet and greet and exclusive video

Coordinated Social campaign with images for NFT linked directly to Credit Card checkout page

Ability to send additional NFTS and membership value directly to fan's Crypto wallet thereby providing more value to the NFT and membership


Two sets of exclusive animated trading cards

Rare cards randomly assigned to regular card purchase

Collector Set with additional NFTS

Coffee NFT directly linking campaign to artist's premium coffee brand

Ability to buy coffee package and have NFT delivered into Crypto Wallet

Master Re-Record integrated into a single NFT providing owner with ownership and potential revenue as well as a direct interaction with Gerardo



NMH, in collaboration with Semkhor Studios and VFX Studio, is able to provide our artists with cutting edge graphic design and visual effects that bring out the full potential of their NFTS.