Semkhor NFT Studio

NFTs have taken hold of the collective imagination. And there is good reason. NFTs are a unique and transformative combination of art, commerce, and technology.

While it is possible to quickly place art onto an NFT exchange, this is not taking full advantage of the potential of NFTs or positioning your brand for the continuing evolution of this transformative technology.

Semkhor began developing on the internet before there was a graphical browser and has a developed a deep understanding of its possibilities. We also have extensive understanding of modern content production and visual effects. This experience and skillset will allow us to help craft digital art that will take full advantage of this new art form.

We collaborate with select artists and brands to help them project their vision and goals into the Cryptoverse.

Why Choose Semkhor

Provides extensive consultancy to help craft powerful NFTs that provide the framework for expanding your audience and continuing to develop successful NFT campaigns

A partnership with Phantasma - a cutting edge fully operational blockchain - this allows for a much higher level of customization, possibility and creativity

Strategic approach to connecting the digital and physical works to amplify the impact of the NFT campaign

We carefully develop our partnerships and then work non-stop to provide the technological and production support necessary for them to succeed.

Working with Semkhor provides a much higher level of support and collaboration than available with other NFT exchanges.